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With 15 years history in HVAC industry, KELING is Top 10 manufacturing enterprises in water source heat pump in China since 2011, major in HVAC system design, manufacture,installation,after sales service,energy saving solutions.Excellent Performance in the energy saving filed, KELING is selected on the list of the Clean Heating Plan issued by the People's Government of Shandong Province in 2018, together with Hisense.
**with the biggest testing centers in Shandong Province, and among the best testing centers in China.
**Select quality suppliers and evaluate suppliers every year to make sure the good quality of the parts.
**Inspection departments control each step of the products quality strictly.
**Editor of "Practical HVAC design manual - water source heat pump design articles," the senate "water source heat pump," "water source heat pump energy efficiency standards", "ultra-low temperature air source heat pump" and other six national standards;
**As National high-tech enterprise, Keling is supported by new energy industry development funds of Shandong Development and Reform Commission.
**With six National Invention Patents, more than thirty practical patents in water source heat pump.
**Keling Cooperates with Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Tianjin University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, the State Oceanic Administration, China Academy of Building Research and other units to carry out scientific research, production and research.
**It Formed geothermal and waste heat recovery industrial technology innovation strategic alliance in Shandong Province,and was named "Shandong Province technology innovation strategy Alliance demonstration";
**Keling signed agreement with State Oceanic Administration to build "industry base of Ocean thermal energy utilization equipment " in 2013 .
**With national standards heat pump comprehensive testing lab, with certificate of China energy saving product, listed in the national government procurement directory;
**Keling won the "Shandong famous brand " and "Shandong famous Trademark";
**waste heat source heat pump technology was awarded "major energy-saving technological achievements", won the "Science and Technology Progress Award of Shandong Province ", got the national innovation fund support;
**undertaking the Department of Housing and Technology Plan Project "abstraction and recharge groundwater source heat pump technology research" and confirmed by the state, and bearing "second Five Year Plan" task "efficient ground source heat pump system research in hot summer and cold winter area " from the Ministry of Science.
**won the "Science and Technology Progress Award in Shandong Province", "Shandong Provincial Department of Construction Technology Innovation Award" prize, "Shandong Energy Saving Award."


Keling products are exported to all over the world, and have been recognized by customers with high quality and strong after-sales service.


1. We train local agents/distributors and select one of the strongest and the most professional distributor is in charge of the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the local Keling unit.

2. Keling technicians regularly provide technical services, product training, after-sales knowledge explanation and practical operation to the agent.

3. During the test, Keling recorded the operation video of the electronic control, and the customer operated according to the video after receiving the unit.

Practical and saves customers a lot of time.

4.Dealers send technicians to the factory, and Keling provides complete and complete factory training.

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Our Team:

1.Keling has 30 senior engineers and 80 professional technicians. Senior engineers graduated from the well-known

universities in China, and have rich theoretical and practical experience.
2. Workers graduated from professional technical colleges and trained for 3 months before taking up their posts. 

Most of the welding personnel have more than 10 years of welder experience.
3. Air-conditioning industry experts, university experts regularly come to the factory for training.

4. Regular training of different knowledge within the factory

5.6 national patent technology, editor of the water source manual.