The 2000pc water fan coil units be shipped to Spain.

In Spain ,there is different living conditions, that means the desgin of this order will be a little change. KELING finds the perfect solution to meet clients strict requirements.


All these fan coil units in production will be used in a 5-star hotel in Spain.

The welding is important procedure of the production, only the exact welding can mare sure there is no lea

Spain clients choose us because of our high level quality, reasonable price, short delivery time.

KELING produce the panel itself in factory to make sure we can control the quality of the assembling parts.

The fan coils are not automatically produced, because this project needs individual and special design, only semi-manual, semi-pipeline processing can meet this strict requirements. Our workers need to assemble a lot of parts, which requires a lot of working time.

“For us, every step of production is important. We must always be focused and always do everything in a well-organized manner. Once we make a mistake, we will waste a lot of time and money.”


Keling Energy's technicians specially designed a device suitable for small batch production of fan coils. This device specially designed for opening holes, which not only improves efficiency, but also is particularly easy to weld. To ensure no leaks.

is the production record of the fan coil, which records the installation time and the name of the person in charge of each component, ensuring that every process of fan coil production is well documented.



We will hire more employees due to the growth of foreign orders. In the future, we will strive to maintain this growth trend and ensure that our employees have a certain income growth   and a bright future. ”

In the factory's laboratory, each fan coil is accurately tested.

A fan coil made exclusively for Poland, because of its long use time and the use of special materials, increases the cost, and the price is higher than the fan coil sold in China.

“This fan coil has passed the test and can leave the company and enter the market.”

Now the 6 containers filled with fan coils will leave Keling Energy Company in Weifang, China, and start a long-distance trip to Spain, which is a kilometer away.

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