High quality depends on every detail

High quality depends on every detail
Improve the welding efficiency and quality
This is the thick and thin copper tube of the air cooled water chiller/ heat pump unit. Originally, it was directly welded by simple punching, the depth was not well mastered, the welding was difficult, and it was easy to leak.

Sensior Engineer Liu began to research and development for several months to solve this problem.

Dozens of small molds have been researched by , and each with a number and instructions for use. These dozens of small molds are secret weapons,,,
Another device with rails was developed and installed on a drill press..

How to use it? Engineer Liu will explain the the principles and functions to us.

The red pipe is a gas supply pipe that supplies compressed gas to two electric clamps. One by one, it can clamp copper pipes of various diameters, and control the switch through mechanical means to let the copper pipe reach the designated position, no matter how long the copper pipe , it still can handle processing.
There are four small wrenches in the middle (one of which is flat), and there are a number of equidistant holes underneath to control the spacing. According to the required hole pitch of the copper pipe, lower the different wrenches and adjust the appropriate hole pitch. What’s even more amazing is that when you lower two at the same time, you will achieve smaller hole spacing adjustment and the hole pitch is very precise.
Install the clamp and drill bit, adjust the hole pitch, and start operation. The bit is pressed down, the hole is drilled, the bit is lifted up, the hole is pulled high, and then pressed down, another miracle appears.

Everyone carefully looked at the inside of each hole, and a small platform appeared at the edge of the hole. The original platform is the limited position after the small copper tube is inserted. The small holes in the holes and holes are realized by the small set of molds. How to operate? Look down.
With the riser equipment designed by Master Liu, the small copper tube that was originally prepared for insertion rose out of a circle. Understand this, right? When the small copper tube is inserted, it is just stuck in the small platform position of the hole, it will not be too deep or too shallow, and it is very convenient for welding.
“It’s so good to use it. Once it’s plugged in, it’s fixed. The efficiency of welding is improved, it’s very easy to weld, and there’s no longer any leaks.” Indeed, the leak problem of air source heat pump units in Keling’s energy-saving production has been completely solved. The after-sales pressure is much smaller.

Master Liu: “This device realizes the air source heat pump gas collecting pipe drilling, pulling high, the hole platform forming one-time operation, plus the positioning, rising tube and other processes, although the design is very complicated, but the operation is very simple, change the fixture It takes a certain amount of time to use the drill bit, which is especially convenient to use. Mass production can greatly improve efficiency, and the efficiency and quality of welding are greatly improved.”
“What problems did Master Liu encounter?”
Keling Energy has opened up a special area for Master Liu, and purchased various equipment to support Master Liu’s invention.

At the year-end commendation meeting of Keling Energy Company last year, Master Liu won the “Process Innovation Award”. Master Liu’s spirit of courage to explore and strive for excellence is the “artisan spirit” around us, and the “artisan spirit” is not far away from us.
Master Liu’s innovative inventions are still many and will be introduced one by one.
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Post time: Mar-05-2019